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"What I found amazing about being coached by Maria was seeing the immediate results in both my personal growth and in my business development. It was a two-way process and in order for Maria to be able to help me, I had to step out of the comfort box that I had created but was looking more like a hamster wheel in my case, as I was going round in circles with self-help books but not breaking old patterns that were stopping me from my full potential. 

Maria witnessed and felt my frustrations and with her guidance and continual support, pulled me through the self-perpetuating chaos of my mind into clarity. 


Working with Maria during the coaching was an exhilarating, uplifting experience and a revelation at times for me but one that I am truly grateful to her for.  Maria asked me questions that no one had asked of me or me of myself. 

Above all, I appreciated her honesty and directness which in turn helped me to feel safe, to open up, to show my vulnerabilities and to speak my truth and more importantly to trust.  


One has to be honest and authentic like Maria, and to see that bright light at the end of the tunnel, be who you are, be seen, be unique.


Thank you Maria, my cherished friend, for your continued support in all aspects of my life, for believing in me and for nurturing my soul to see the beauty in myself, my surroundings and in others."



"Now that I am capable and that I can do it. When I think of my business, the first thing that comes to mind is the name: Maria Gomes.


The work Maria has done with me, made me realise that we are always changing and that it is impossible to have different results by doing the same thing.  But how can we change our limiting beliefs or the guilt we have from the past and the mistakes that we have made for decades? The answer comes to me when I look inside myself and I see the beauty that exists within me, the only person that has the power to do anything in one’s life.


Today I can see that when I become weak, I remember that I have the choice and I chose to take the path that takes me to victory.


The coaching that Maria has done with me, helped me to transform myself at an emotional level and even at a spiritual level.  A lot of the things that I do today I have learned with Maria and having her as a coach was one of the best things that happened in my life.  I do not even have the words to thank her enough and for never giving up on me.


I want to say, Maria, you are an incredible and incomparable human being.  Today I am a successful entrepreneur and it is due to your help that I am forever grateful. "


CINTIA DA SILVA - Entrepreneur

"Maria has exceeded my expectations as a coach. We have been working together for several months now and the further and deeper we go, the more satisfied I get with the results.


Having someone like Maria, who is very natural at what she does, very talented and trustworthy, is a privilege. 


I have also experienced some amazing awakening, which is still happening as we move forward with our sessions. Maria not only is good at coming up with some very challenging questions, which makes me come up with helpful strategies but also has used some powerful and innovative tools, which she has developed herself. I


am really impressed with Maria's ability to inspire shifts that are so powerful and transformational. 


Maria is not only helping me to become my best version but also is supporting me to be my best when working with my own clients.


I must say that I am also benefiting from her latest skill, which is to help powerful entrepreneurial women to succeed."


" Maria Gomes was my coach in a period of my life when I had very low self-esteem, I did not have any goals in my life, I was lost I did not know what to do on a personal and a professional level.


She worked with me and she helped me to build high self-esteem, I started to believe in myself, I created my goals, I started to believe in my potential and look at life in a more positive way.


I started taking responsibility in my own life so today I am very confident and I live my professional and personal life to the fullest. Maria helped me to change my life and I will never forget that because thanks to her I can say that I am happy and fulfilled human being.


Thanks Maria, you will always be in my heart. "

REGINA ROQUE - Entrepreneur

" There are no words to describe how I feel about Maria Gomes, she was my coach in a period of my life when I was feeling worthless. She helped me to change my life, I am very grateful for her kindness and for her professionalism.


During that period I started to work on myself, I created strategies that helped me in my professional life and I built the courage to dream, I became very confident and today I consider myself a strong woman. With her coaching, she helped me to turn my life around and be me without an apology.


I cannot thank her enough for her work and her kindness and for never giving up on me. So please Maria carries on helping other ladies the same way you did with me.


All my love and Respect. "

HELENA MOTA - Operation Manager

" When Maria started working with me, I was a dreamer both on a personal and professional level. I had the illusion that the opportunities would come to me without me doing too much about it, but with Maria coaching me, she used tools that made me realise that I had to take a different approach in life. 


In my coaching sessions with Maria, I learned to set goals big and small and take the right steps to achieve them. Today I can say that during the process I learned to be more disciplined, have clear goals and prioritise what is really important.


During that process, I have done a lot of inner work and today I consider myself a better person and a better professional.


I have a lot of gratitude for the work that Maria Gomes has done with me and I highly recommend her as a coach. 


Thank you, Maria, you are the best."

EMANUELA - Teacher

" Maria is a very experienced coach with many skills which are complemented by her very loving nature. 


Maria conducts her work with a lot of passion and she helped me to see life and my business from a different point of view.


She has a special skill to understand people’s needs and has shown me different paths that I would never have thought of if it was not for her broad vision. 


I highly recommend Maria."


" Working with Maria was a turning point for my career.  In a period of a few months, she supported me in understanding better my strengths and self-imposed constraints thus allowing me to develop a mindset for growth in business and in my personal life.

It has been my own journey of discovery but supported by Maria, who wisely turned my attention to my blind spots and encouraged me to celebrate my many achievements at each milestone, such as the increase in sales, the improvements in my leadership skills which in turn lead to great financial results.

Today I am still reaping the benefits from Maria's guidance and I continue to achieve my goals. 


If ever I need more guidance I would not hesitate to use Maria's services again."

DANIEL - Financial Adviser​

" First, I would like to thank God for having given me the opportunity to meet Maria Gomes, a friend who has a place in my heart and a coach that supported me in one of the most difficult times of my life in my professional career.

After many years working for the same company, I was going through a process of unbelievable inner sadness as I had given all my life to a company that did not appreciate or value my contribution.

With coaching from Maria, I had the opportunity to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I learned to see the worth in myself and in everything that I was doing in my life and had already achieved.


While using the coaching technique, Maria walked me through a path to strengthen my self-esteem and be positive about making any move in my life that would contribute to my well-being.

Thank you Maria for such a contribution to my life."

JX - Head of Finance​

" Maria is a joy to work with; she is very knowledgeable, caring and reliable.


Maria uses her extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure every session addresses the specific skills and tools you need to achieve your goals. She worked with me personally.


She is really thoughtful and directed in her approach. I especially like the way I walked out of every session with a concrete list of action items I could either work on or think about.


She was able to relate to the challenges I presented without having a deep understanding of the industry I’m involved in. I learned a lot about myself and I use the skills she taught me on a daily basis.


I would recommend her to anyone looking to make concrete personal or professional changes.


Be prepared to be challenged! "


MARCOS CAMAROTTE – Founder wThrive Web Solutions

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