I provide expert business coaching for dynamic entrepreneurs at any stage of their professional journey.


I have a passion for empowering women in business and enabling them to reach their full potential so choose to focus on female clients.


By working closely with you and helping you to identify your own unique goals and ambitions - as well as the obstacles that could prevent you from reaching them - I will craft a bespoke action plan for you to achieve your ambitions and realise your full potential.


A self-made entrepreneur, Maria has overcome adversities and challenges in her own life through a combination of dedication, tenacity, courage and honesty; as well as an irrepressible sense of fun and good humour.

She now divides her time professionally between Life Coaching, Public Speaking and managing her growing Property Portfolio.  She is passionate about coaching women in business because she recognises the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being a female entrepreneur – she believes the route to real success comes from being authentically yourself, recognising and embracing one’s vulnerability and finding empowerment in that. 


Aside from her work, Maria is closely involved with the charity Solidarity Spiritist Society, having previously been their Chairperson for over fifteen years.  She is a devoted mother, an avid reader and loves spending time gardening or taking country walks with the family dog.

She became the first-ever female tailor at Henry Poole and Co, Saville Row,  worked for over ten years as a master tailor and was entrusted with the training of many up and coming junior tailors.


Maria has been featured in Savile Row Magazine and Portuguese Elle Magazine




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If you’re ready for success in your business 

creating lucrative new programs, charging what you’re worth, letting go of perfectionism & overwhelm, pressing reset on your money mindset 

then join me inside my 6 Month  Private Coaching program.  

Group of multiracial businesswomen in ca


If you’re ready to stop ‘going it alone’ so you can start making more money, making a big impact in the lives of more clients, and finally feel that you are aligned and on target with your business.  



"What I found amazing about being coached by Maria was seeing the immediate results in both my personal growth and in my business development. It was a two-way process and in order for Maria to be able to help me, I had to step out of the comfort box that I had created but was looking more like a hamster wheel in my case, as I was going round in circles with self-help books but not breaking old patterns that were stopping me from my full potential.  Maria witnessed and felt my frustrations and with her guidance and continual support, pulled me through the self-perpetuating chaos of my mind into clarity ...


 ... Thank you Maria, my cherished friend, for your continued support in all aspects of my life, for believing in me and for nurturing my soul to see the beauty in myself, my surroundings and in others. "



"... The coaching that Maria has done with me, helped me to transform myself at an emotional level and even at a spiritual level.  A lot of the things that I do today I have learned with Maria and having her as a coach was one of the best things that happened in my life.  I do not even have the words to thank her enough and for never giving up on me. I want to say, Maria, you are an incredible and incomparable human being.  Today I am a successful entrepreneur and it is due to your help that I am forever grateful."


CINTIA DA SILVA - Entrepreneur

"Maria has exceeded my expectations as a coach. We have been working together for several months now and the further and deeper we go, the more satisfied I get with the results. Having someone like Maria, who is very natural at what she does, very talented and trustworthy, is a privilege ...


... Maria is not only helping me to become my best version but also is supporting me to be my best when working with my own clients. I must say that I am also benefiting from her latest skill, which is to help powerful entrepreneurial women to succeed."


" Maria Gomes was my coach in a period of my life when I had very low self-esteem, I did not have any goals in my life, I was lost I did not know what to do in a personal and on a professional level. She worked with me and she helped me to build high self-esteem, I started to believe in myself, I created my goals, I started to believe in my potential and look at life in a more positive way. I started taking responsibility in my own life so today I am very confident and I live my professional and personal life to the fullest. Maria helped me to change my life and I will never forget that because thanks to her I can say that I am happy and fulfilled human being. Thanks, Maria you will always be in my heart."

REGINA ROQUE - Entrepreneur

Q&A with MARIA

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Maria Gomes

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FYIs Maria

  • Certified Business Coach - Kendall Summerhawk School

  • Certified Life coach - Animas Centre for coaching

  • Certified as NLP practitioner by ITS

  • Advanced Property investment training at Asset Academy

  • Real estate entrepreneur

  • Featured on Elle magazine for being one of five successful Portuguese living in London

  • Featured in Savile Row Magazine for my passion for tailoring and style

  • First women Tailor at Henry Poole & Co at Savile Row

  • Master Tailor for over 10 years

  • Chairperson For a charity in the U.K. for over 10 years

  • Public speaker for over 10 years

  • Landscape and gardening lover

  • Avid reader

  • Dog Lover